"Come Home to the River"












I am The River




Where Every Spirit








I am The Song




That Every Child








*DVD 60 min./ with original harp music




October 31st. An early, cold  autumn  morning.   Chill  all around.  The River  rushes  with  purpose. To move, to move. Everything around is still,



not the river.   It is a magical time of memories  and  enchantments. Slowly  the  light  begins  to creep down the embankment. Adding gold to the



dense atmosphere.    Silver  dances  lightly  on the river surface.   The silver  turns  to bright white in the foam of the moving river.    The sky is



gray and  reflected in the  water. The rocks on  the side of the river catch the shine and reflect it back. A surprise flits across the screen from



right to left about  12 minutes  onto the river.  Later the first fall snow storm.   Winter. The first  storm of the fall begins with icy rain which turns



slowly  into  soft   fluffy snow. The snow is gaily falling over trees, grass, rocks. Watching  the falling snow flakes, one feels silent inside as the



snow lightly  sticks to  the  waiting  rocks, and  branches  of the trees, creating  a white coat. The stillnes is strong in this storm, even the river



seems to flow faster on it's trip. Another surprise  greets  us as first a  whistle sounds and then after just a few moments….a train appears at



the edge of the  River's canyon.  The train,  too, has a  purpose and a destination, loaded  with goods from far away soon to be delivered. The



river rumbles  along with  a frosty murmur.  The  deep rage of the   swirling waters and suddenly……Spring becomes the dance of green. The



water  brings  life  and  energy  to all  it touches.  The  hues  of  green  many  as the  eye can  behold. The water is high and serious about it's



movement. Tree roots are covered by the raging river and  branches  dip low into the stream of liquid. One is moved with poetry about new life,



ideas, music.  The words  have rhythm that is thousands of years old.  We can hear our ancestors in the ancient water. We can see the dance



of the renaissance  steps.  Soon we  have Summer's lazy moving ripples . The River  is just rambling  along  with a sweet song.  Abundance is



everywhere in the plants that touch the water,   in the leaves swinging   In the trees   overhead, in the bright and gleaming sun. We now hear,



"Summer Daze", a new piece written just for this project.