The Village Harpist
Patricia Helene Hill
Musician, Composer, Instructor, Performer
Years  of  performing and  lifetimes  of music
education has molded Patty into a willing and
loving  performer.  Invite her  to play  for your
next   event.   You   will   be   delighted.   She 
believes strongly in the wonder and magic of
live   harp  music.   Her  originals   are  written
especially   for   the   harp   and   convey   the 
messages of hope and peace.
When     Patty    and    her    "Queen"     harp
joins   you   on   your   special   day,  you are
certain   of   a    beautiful    memory   for   all.
A     Wedding,     Birthday,     Valentines Day,
Christmas,    or    just   any   time.     Through
her    gentle   and   celestial   music,     Patty
will    enhance     your     affair   or   event   of